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Five misunderstandings of automation transformation, do not touch it!

Time: 2023-03-06   Visits: 1223


Many domestic manufacturers production is introducing automated transformation production,Some manufacturers have little effect。Although the government is vigorously promoting the robotic substitution policy,But many manufacturing industry receives allowances,It is indeed cooling the equipment in the production workshop,Five misunderstandings avoided by automation transformation,You need to pay attention to automation transformation. I have brought out the power of flood,Why did it have little effect?

1. The introduction of robots is to automate upgrading and transformation!

The application of the robot is the most representative aspect of automation upgrade and transformation。But it does not mean that it can solve all problems。Pneumatic hydraulic control and non -standard equipment automation are also one of the very important means to realize automation。Especially for some special applications,The robot cannot be solved,Non -standard automation equipment is the answer。Automatic upgrade and transformation,Do not stare at the robot just,A variety of channels are the best。

2. You can use the robot when you buy it

Robot as a smart device,It is not easy to install and debug, you can use。If the development (or secondary development) and application of robots,It will cause many robots to buy it back and not use or use it properly。Take the robot and sports athletes to make analogy,A group of good athletes (robots) plus a good coach (system integrator) is the key to win the entire team (enterprise)。

3. Automated upgrade and transformation can be in place

Real automated upgrade and transformation,It is not a simple station or a machine replacement to complete,but an extremely complicated system engineering。Automated transformation requires a measure of force,Start from the relatively mature automation technology,Start from the area where the factory is urgent to upgrade and transform,Gradual,Do not pursue one step in place。

4. Any process can be replaced by automated equipment

Products using automated production lines should have sufficient large output; product design and technology should be advanced、Stable、Reliable,and keep basically unchanged for a long time。Not all processes are suitable for automated transformation。in a large number、A significant economic benefits are used in the use of automatic lines in large quantities。

5. Implementation of automation transformation is to realize industry 4.0

The concept of Industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025 recently is very hot,So many companies blindly follow the trend。Manufacturing enterprises should pay more attention to solutions for actual technology and problems。When developing to a broad management automation with information as the core technology,Industry 4.0 era will also be born。