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The main features of industrial robots

Time: 2023-03-06   Visits: 1221


The main characteristic parameters of industrial robots are:    

(1) Coordinate type,Commonly used coordinate types have right -angle coordinates、cylindrical coordinates、Ball coordinates、joint coordinates, etc.;  

(2) The degree of exercise freedom,Freedom number indicates the flexibility of the robot movement。Generally less than 6,There are also more than 6;    

(3) The action range of each self -degree,Refers to the range of activities of various joints。The basic action range of each joint determines the work of robotic operators. The shape and size of the space;

(4) The action speed of each self -degree,refers to the limit speed of each joint;    

(5) The rated load,refers to within the specified performance range,The maximum load allowable value that can be affected at the wrist mechanical interface;    

(6) precision。It mainly includes the accuracy of the position、Repeated position、Track accuracy、Track repetitiveness, etc.。

Customers please read the above article carefully when selecting industrial robots,According to the production needs of your own products、Features then refer to the above six characteristic parameters to buy the most applicable industrial robot products。