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The advantages of ultraviolet optical curing adhesive dot

Time: 2018-04-12   Visits: 1295

stronger adhesion

UV light curing adhesives can be structural adhesion for various substrate materials。The adhesive strength usually exceeds the strength of the bonding substrate。

A base material with different adhesion

Different from other adhesives,Ultraviolet -light curing adhesives can adhere to many different substrates。It can adhere to those different substrate materials that cannot be bonded with welding or other adhesives。

Single component formula

Simple glue,No need to mix,No need to purify,Usage and pollution without pollution。

Instant curing

Optical curing adhesive can be cured within a few seconds,No need for a few minutes or hours。Compared with other adhesive processes,Optical curing adhesive can simplify automatic production,Provide online detection,reduced workload,Improve production。

It needs to be bonded

Applying glue at a workstation in the production line,Equipment workpiece at the second workstation,CICC at the third workstation。Design a production process that can meet your requirements,You can curing at any time when you are ready。

100 % solvent non -solvent recipe

Optical curing adhesive is 100 % reactivity and does not contain solvents.