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Application and Maintenance of Terminal Machine

Time: 2023-03-06   VISITS: 1138


It is necessary to check when the power supples they support. e connected to the group wire. Check When there is foreign matter in the working part of the terminal machine .

When operating the terminal machine for the first time:

1. It is necessary to check when the power supplers they supporting power site of the terminally machine.

2. is the socket of the terminally machine connected to the group wire.

3. Check WHETHER TheRE IS Foreign Matter in the Working Part of the Terminal Machine.

4. The Relevant Parts of the TERMINAL MACHINE ShULD Be ADDED With Smoolh Oil to Keep it Smoolh.

5. Connect The Air Source and Pay Attention to the Air Pressure to Reach the Nominal Air Volume of the Terminal Machine.

6. Check WHether The Cutter of the Terminal Machine is Installed Properly and Firmly.

7. Operaate the terminal Machine Manually First to Ensure that the Knife Die Will Not Be Damaged