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The DOMESTIC Automatic Printing Machine Has Obvious Advantages in Cost Performance

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first, The Template is Made by the Gray Information of the Image, And then the Image to be located is AutomaticLly Located by Matching the Template with the AutoCorRelation Algorithm, Which is Called Normalized Correlation Pattern Finder. In the Same Year, Rob Put FORWARD HIGHER Requirements for Positioning Accuration and Speed ​​as the Production Efficience Higher and Higher, And the Electronic Components on the Board Became Smaller and Smaller. At present, MOST of the Positioning Algorithms of Automatic Solder Paste Printing Machines on the Market Are Based Image Level and Realized Through orrelation matching. For the Copper Clad Plate with Good Surface University, The Gray Algorithm Can Well Complete The Automatic Positioning Function. However, The Emergeence of More and More Tinplate, Gold-Plated Plate and Flexible PCB Has Brusht Great Challenges to the GrayScale Positioning. Due to tin plating, The Surface Uniformity of the Gold-Plate Plate is not very good, And the Reflectivity is high, Which Makes The Imaging Brightness of the Mark Points on the PCB BOARD VRY GREATLY, And Increases The False Detection Rate and Missed DETECTION RATE of the Gray Positioning. d, The Imaging of the Mark Points on the PCB Will Also Have A Big Difference in BRIGHTNESS, And Will Also Change the size and shape the mark points. These privems are? Overcom based on the gragorithmmm. The Ocation Algorithm Based on Geometry Can Well Adapt to These Privems in the Appel.

Location Algorithm is Dominant in SMT Equipment

Machine Vision Positioning is a key technology for automation, Informative of Production Machinery in All Walks of Life. It is Imaged or CCD OR CMOSOLLED on the Machine, And the Image Data Is Analyzed and Processed by CPU or DSP, And the action of the machine is determined according to the processing results.

This technological was first developed in the united states in the 1980s. However, Due to the Limitations of CPU Processing Capacity and Processing Speed, It did not develop vigorously the 1990s. The First Location Algorithm in the World WAS Developed by A Research Team Led by Professor Robert OF. Mit in 1986. Professor Taert Founded Cognex, The World'SfiRS, Due to the Vigorous Development of the SMT ManUFAFACTING INDUSTRY in the United States, Convision's positying algorithm was applied by more than 90% of the smt equipment in the united states.

BeCAUSE The LOCATION Algorithm Based on Gray Level Has The Following Defects: Inaccurate Location for LargeS in Gray Level; signing of scaled objects; inaccurate positiveing ​​of angle changes; inaccurate positioning of partially occluded parts. in 1997, Convision Was the First To Invent a Geometry-Based Positioning Algorithm, Which Can Overcom The Limitations of GrayScale Algorithm to the Greatest Extent. With the further IMPROVEMENT of Geometric Algorithms, Many Professional Machine Vision Companies Have Retaind GrayScale Positioning Tools Since 2000, But Geometric Positioning Has OCCUPied A Leading Position. Convision has basely eliminated the grayscale positationing tool.

Breakthrough in Localization Algorithm of DomStic Automatic Solder PRINTINGING MACHINE

Because the Commercial Geometric Positioning Tools on the Market Are Relatively Expensive, usually Artly 10000 Yuan, Considering The Cost Factor, MOST of the Automatic Solder Paste Printing Machines Use Relately Cheap TRADITINAL GRAY-BASED POSITIONG TOOLS. However, MOST of the Foreign Brands SUCH AS MPM and DEK USE The Geometric Positioning Tools of Convision. The first Generation Model of Cage Alses Ni Gray -Based Positioning Tools, But at Present, Through Independent Research and Development, CAGE has Adopted Geometry-Based Positioning Tools On All Models., The Positioning Ability of Tinplate, GOLD-PLATED PLATE and FLEXible PCB Has Been Greatly Improved, And the Positioning Performance Can Be Completely Comparable with Foreign Brands.

With the Development of the Electronic Industry, SMT Technology Has Undergone Tremendous Changes in Recent Years. Electronic Products Are Developing in the Direction of MINIARIZATION, Lightweight and High Reliability, Al Printer Will Put FORWARD HIGHER Requirements for The Following Aspects:

first, The requirers of cycletime. With the development of the smt industryry, The requireness for SMT Electronic Products are becoming Higher and HIGHER. With the Emergeence High-Speed ​​Pasting Machine, Higher Requirements are put forward for the printing machine cycletime. How to shorten Cycletime will be the problem that all Brands of Automatic Printing Achines need to solve.

SECOND, Accuracy Requirements. With the Large Use of the Chips of 0201 and 01005, The Previous PRINTING PRINTIS CAN NO Longer Fully Meet the Accuracy Requirements, And the High-PRECISION MODELS Will Compete for the Market Again.

Third, Requirements for Cleaning Effect. With the Development of SMT, The Improvement of Cleaning Function Can Realize the High Efficience. Immite Manual Cleaning that Direction that Big Printing Manufacturers are considering and standing.

Foursrth, The requirement of cost performance. In the face of the overalline in the unit price of oem, EterpriseS Will Choose Printing Equipment According to the Product Requirements. On the Premise that the Printing Function Function UCTION Needs, They Will Consider More Factors of Price, That is, They Will Choose A Product with High Cost Performance.