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Domestic full -automatic printed machine cost -effective advantage is obvious

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       First use the gray information of the image to make a template,Then the image waiting to be located can achieve automatic positioning by matching the algorithm and templates,This is the so -called ash。In the same year,rob   As the production efficiency of the PCB board is getting higher and higher,The electronic components on the board are getting smaller and smaller,higher requirements for the accuracy and speed of positioning。Current,The positioning algorithm of most automatic tiny paste printing machines on the market is based on image gray,A through the independent matching。For the copper plate with a good surface uniformity,Gray algorithm can well complete the function of automatic positioning。but,More and more tin -plated boards,Gold plating board,The emergence of flexible PCB boards,Give the gray positioning brings huge challenges。Due to tin plating,The surface uniformity of the gold -plated board is not very good,High reflection rate,Makes the imaging brightness of the Mark point on the PCB board is very different,Increase the misunderstanding rate and missed inspection rate of ash positioning。Flexible boards are not good due to the flatness of the surface,The imaging of the Mark point on the PCB will also have a problem with a large brightness difference,and will also make the size of the Mark point,The shape changes,These problems are based on gray -based positioning algorithms that are difficult to overcome。and geometric -based positioning algorithm can adapt to these problems in the appeal。

Positioning algorithm occupies dominates in SMT devices

       The visual positioning of the machine is the production machine automation of all walks of life、Intelligent、A key technology of informatization。It imaging it by the CCD or C MOS sensor installed on the mechanical,CPU or DSP analysis and processing of image data,and determine the movement of the mechanical according to the results of the process。

This technology was first developed in the United States in the 1980s,But due to the limitation of the CPU processing ability and processing speed,It did not get booming until the 1990s。The first positioning algorithm in the world was developed by the research team led by MIT's Professor Robert in 1986。Its Professor Ert established Cognex Company -the world's first professional machine visual software company。At the time of about the next ten years,Due to the booming development of the SMT manufacturing industry in the United States,Coronatt's positioning algorithm is applied by more than 90%of the US SMT device。

Due to the ash -based positioning algorithm, there are the following defects: the positioning of large changes in grayscale is inaccurate; inaccurate positioning of zooming; inaccurate positioning of angle changes; wait。The first invented positioning algorithm based on Cornen in 1997,This algorithm can maximize the limit of the gray algorithm。With the further improvement of the geometric algorithm,After 2000, many professional machine vision companies have retained ash positioning tools,But the geometric positioning has occupied the dominant position。And Cornen has basically eliminated the gray positioning tool。

Domestic full -automatic tiny paste printing machine positioning algorithm has a breakthrough

Because the business geometric positioning tools on the market are more expensive, usually around 10,000 yuan,Considering cost factors,Most of the full automatic tin paste printing machines are relatively cheap traditional gray -based positioning tools。and foreign brand machines such as MPM、DEK mostly uses Cornen's geometric positioning tool。The first generation of Kigg also uses NI ash -based positioning tool,But now Kigg through independent research and development,has adopted geometric positioning tools on all models。Transformation through this technology,Placing board、Gold plating board、The positioning ability of the flexible PCB board has been greatly improved,Positioning performance can be comparable to foreign brands。

With the development of the electronics industry,SMT technology has undergone tremendous changes in recent years,Electronic products are towards miniaturization,Light and high reliability direction development,Makes the surface -sticked electronic components continuously facing the light and small high -integrated development。The development trend of fully automatic visual printing machines will put forward higher requirements for the following aspects:

First,Cycletime requirements。With the development of the SMT industry,The requirements for SMT electronic products are getting higher and higher,With the emergence of modular high -speed post machines,A higher requirements are put forward for the printing machine CycleTime,How to achieve shortening CycleTime will be a problem to solve the full automatic printing machine of various brands。

Second,Requirements for accuracy。0201、01005's chip parts in large use,Previous printing machine printing can no longer fully meet the precision requirements,High -precision models will re -compete for the market。

third,Requirements for cleaning effects。Development with SMT,The perfect cleaning function can achieve the efficient rate of production, that is, the efficient rate of production。Imitation of artificial cleaning is the direction that a large printing machine is considering and research。

Fourth,Cost -effective requirements。Facing the unit price of OEM generally decline,Each enterprise will choose the printing equipment according to the product requirements,Under the premise that the printed function can fully meet the needs of production,Factors to consider price will be more,I will choose a high -cost product。