• Regional sales manager2023-02-17

    Recruitment department: Marketing Department 丨 Work location: Suzhou 丨 Recruitment Number of Recruitment: 2 People 丨 Age Limited: 24-35 丨 Education requirements: Junior college 丨 Work experience: 3 years or more
    Poster details Submit immediately

    Work Responsibilities:

    1、Establish a work plan,Visit old customers regularly; understand customer needs,Maintain and develop new sales channels and new customers;

    2、Create contact,Create contact,Development business,Sign a sales contract,Realize sales targets;

    3、Collect front -line marketing information and user opinions,For the company's marketing strategy、After -sales service, make a reference opinion。

    Appointment requirements

    1.24-36 years old, sales experience of 3-5 years or more;

    2. Professional first professional person with mechanical/electrical/automation or sales;

    3. Have the spirit of dedication and competition,Can help team work,Being able to actively face work challenges;

    4. Cheerful personality,Positive advance,With strong communication and coordination ability,Be good at thinking;

    5. Have good professional quality、Cooperation consciousness and team spirit;

    6. Welding、Moving、Sales experience such as spray industrial robots or integrated equipment。